Ordering Tests

You can order individual tests or groups-of-tests (panels) which contain the basic or typical tests normally needed for must, must-under-fermentation or finished wines. Make sure that you fill-in the name of your winery and the email address to which you would like us to send the results. Most importantly, when ordering multiple tests on multiple wines, please enter a unique identifier for each wine such as the vintage and varietal name (i.e., 14-Merlot or 14-Bordeaux Blend). If you want, you can also add additional information like your label name (e.g., “Foxy’s Red’”) or the vineyard source (e.g., “John Doe’s Vineyard”). Enology Analytics will refrigerate and retain samples for 48 hours after results are sent, in case any additional tests on those samples need to be ordered.

Shipping Samples

You must use overnight shipping or drop off hand-carried samples directly (but contact us to let us know you are coming). Please ship samples in a tightly sealed plastic bottle (minimum volume – 250 ml.) Label the bottle either by writing directly on the container with a permanent marker or on an attached label. Please use the same wine identifier language that you entered for your online order.

Shipping Address

Enology Analytics c/o
Paradise Springs Winery
13219 Yates Ford Road
Clifton, Virginia 20124